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Web inventor: Sorry about the //

You know how pretty much every web address starts with http:// or https:// or something similar? After the first few hundred times you probably stopped thinking about it. And most modern web browsers don't even require you to type it at all. But if you add up all the seconds people have spent typing http://, you'd probably have a lot of seconds on your hands. And it turns out, there's no really good reason for it.

Tim Berners-Lee pretty much created the World Wide Web as we know it. And looking back, he says that while the "http" part of a URL makes sense, there's no particularly good reason for typing the double-slashes.

While Berners-Lee laments that many trees and work-hours could have been saved if he had left out the unnecessary // marks, I'm guessing that nobody was really all that hurt by their presence. But I guess it does show that in hindsight, pretty much anything could be done better.

via Slashdot

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