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Google launches Search Options for Mobile ... but not Windows Mobile

Searching Google from your mobile browser just got a little bit easier, as long as you're an iPhone, Android or Palm device. Windows Mobile and Blackberry users are left out of Google's new Search Options for Mobile feature, and they're complaining about it in the comments of the Google Search blog. The thing is, they're not really missing much. Search Options for Mobile is marginally useful, but I suspect most users will never realize it's there.

Search Options lets you switch from a general web search to forums or reviews only, which I suppose is useful if you need reviews on the go. You can also filter your results by date, which is useful, but certainly not essential. Finally, there are two new ways to view search results: with images from the pages, or with longer snippets. It's nice that this stuff is there, but we've all lived without it since May, when it was first introduced to the non-mobile version of Google. WinMo and Blackberry users hardly have anything to cry about here – except how woefully inadequate their browsers are.

[via Daring Fireball]

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