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Off the Clock: djl is a must-have app for Linux gamers

Now that I've managed to pick up a spare laptop on the cheap, I finally have a dedicated Linux machine to experiment with. Priority number one since I'm Off the Clock for the weekend: get some games installed that are more fun than the ones Ubuntu ships (sorry Nibbles and Gnometris).

Enter djl. Think of it as a kind of FOSS version of Steam. Except, of course, that all the games are totally free. Currently, djl's repositories warehouse about 120 games -- all of which can be installed with just a few painless clicks. New games are submitted frequently, and you can read about them on the app's news tab.

Just about every popular game you can think of is available: Battle Tanks, Cube, Hedgewars, Numptyphysics, OpenArena, Urban Terror, Warsow, and many more. If it runs on Linux, you can probably install it with djl. Games you download are added to the -- you guessed it -- games tab. Uninstalling and updating is also a breeze, making djl an awesome way to manage your collection.

There's even a built-in chat where you can talk to other djl users: find out what they're playing, or maybe find yourself an opponent for some head-to-head combat.

[via Unixmen]

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