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Google integrates Picasa, Google Docs, calendars, etc with Google Sites

Google Sites Insert
For ages people have been wondering when Google was going to roll out the mythical "GDrive" that would allow users to upload files to a Google server and access them from a single place. Well, that still hasn't quite happened yet, because you can't exactly add Google as a shared network drive (without using third party software) and backup your files. But Google rolled out a new feature this week that does make it easy to access data uploaded to several of its most popular services all from one place: Google Sites.

Google Sites is the company's web page/wiki builder. You can create a single web page or a series of interlinked pages using a simple web page editor, and you can share your sites with a small group of collaborators or with the whole world.

Now Google has added a new "Insert" button that lets you add items stored in other Google services including Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and Picasa Web Albums. You can also upload photos directly to Picasa from Google Sites.

In other words, you can access many of the files uploaded to various Google products all from one place. What's interesting is that Google still gives you separate bits of storage space for each service. Files uploaded to Picasa don't affect the amount of space available in your Google Docs account, for example. And you still can't access all of your uploaded files in all Google services. But it's starting to look like Google is working toward better integrating all of its products.

[via Google Operating System]

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