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Lark Antispyware is free, but sometimes getting what you pay for is a bad thing

Don't get me wrong -- I'm all for free applications that help us keep our systems malware-free, provided that they actually work as advertised. Lark Antispyware...not so much.

When I see something new and potentially interesting show up on Softpedia, I'll download it to see if it's worth sharing. Most of the time an app is postable because it's useful. Sometimes it's postable because people should probably stay away. You can see where I'm going here.

If you looked at the screenshot above, a couple things probably struck you. It's riddled with false positives and the "trojans" seem to be randomly named. There's no "more information" button to offer any kind of clarification, and you certainly won't turn up any info on Google if you search for that alphanumeric jibberish.

As you can see, Lark is happy to try removing these "infections" for me, but I'm pretty sure I don't want it messing with msconfig, winload, isoburn, or my TeamViewer executables. I was also put off by the option of running a "Cunstom Scan" from the system tray icon.

Call me crazy, but I like my security-related apps to have a bit more polish than that.

Pro tip: stick with Malwarebytes for now --it's free, and it's awesome. If something better comes along, you'll read about it here.

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