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Google explains what a web browser is, treats you a bit like an idiot

Google's been pushing its Chrome browser for a while now, and there's no question that it's one of the fastest, simplest web browsers around, if you're a Windows user anyway. But it doesn't have all of the features you'd expect from a fuller fledged browser like Firefox yet, such as stable support for plugins and extensions. And most importantly, it doesn't come bundled with most computers, like Internet Explorer.

Earlier this year Google put together a little video demonstrating that many people don't just not care what browser they use... they might not even know what a browser is. So what's the next step?Telling the world exactly what a browser is.

So Google has put together a followup video that explains that the thing you type web addresses into isn't called the computer or the internet. It's a web browser. And it's "the most important piece of software on your computer" because it handles all web pages. Of course, if you don't actually use your computer for web surfing, the browser might not be that important. But then you're probably living in 1992 and most modern browsers won't run on your machine anyway.

Google has also launched a new What Browser web site to help explain what a browser is, what other browsers are available, and sure, how to download, install, and Tweak Google Chrome. But I can't help but wonder who exactly Google is targeting with this overly-simplistic campaign. Because if you don't even know what a browser is, the odds of you coming across this video explaining it are probably slim to none.

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