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AVG releases version 9 - Free version to drop on October 15th

AVG 9 is finally here -- and like other 2009/2010 antivirus suites the emphasis in the new version is on speed, performance, and minimizing the impact on system resources.

Even the install process has been streamlined, with developers reducing the number of tedious, finger-numbing mouse clicks from 22 to 11. Thank you, AVG, for doing this. It's a little thing, but no techy enjoys tapping "next" nearly two dozen times.

Grisoft says scanning speeds have been increased by as much as 50% and that version 9 also reduces Windows boot lag by 10 to 15%. The firewall is more intuitive and has been made less intrusive -- another small but welcome change.

The paid versions are available now through the AVG web site, and we've been told that the much-loved free version will be good to go in ten days.

If you're a believer in free antivirus, your preferred version will be up for grabs on October 15th. Keep your browser tuned to -- that's where the download will appear when it goes live. Of course, you'll also be able to read about the release here at Download Squad.

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