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Canonical bumps Ubuntu One paid accounts to 50GB, pulling even with Dropbox

Canonical has decided -- in response to user requests -- to give paid users of its Ubuntu One online sync and storage tool a big, fat boost in drive space. One recently made its way into Karmic Koala -- which has just reached beta.

When beta testing began in May, it looked as though free accounts would get 2GB (the same as Dropbox) and premium users would receive 10GB. That may have been a tough sell, since the same $10 per month scores 50GB from Dropbox.

In response to beta tester feedback, however, Canonical has decided to pony up. Paid users of the service will now get 50GB.

I'll still give the edge to Dropbox since it's also available on Windows, Mac, and now the iPhone as well. On top of that, there's also the option of a 100GB account if you need extra elbow room. If you're only using Linux, can make do with 50GB, and want to support Canonical, however, Ubuntu One is a solid choice.

[via Works With U]

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