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LastPass extension for Google Chrome now available, and it rocks

A number of Download Squad readers have been echoing the same sentiment in recent posts about Google's browser: as soon as LastPass is available, we're leaving Firefox for good.

Well, gang, grab your parachutes, it's time to bail! The LastPass crew has released an alpha version of their Google Chrome extension, and it rocks. Check out the screens after the break!

Signing in to LastPass via the login button....

A look at the LastPass menu. It's at least as "smooth" an experience as the Firefox addon.

The LastPass preferences page

And yes, even the secure password generator is fully operational!
You need two pieces to put the LastPass puzzle together: the Chrome Developer channel build and, of course, the LastPass extension.

Having troubles getting the extension to install? Our pal Joe Siegrist offers the following four-step plan:
  1. Chrome's extension support is only available in their dev builds, so you must first install the dev channel of Chrome.
  2. Then, to install LastPass, point Chrome to:
  3. If Chrome refuses to allow you to install it (it tries to save in a loop) go to Wrench -> Options and disable choosing where to download files (this will be fixed in next dev build).
  4. Finally, it is recommended that you disable the built-in password manager by clicking on the Options (under the customize and control 'wrench' button). Then choose the 'Personal Stuff' tab and select 'Never save passwords' and 'Never save text from forms'
Like many of you, I've been waiting for this extension to arrive. Well, it's here now and I've got to say that my reasons for using Firefox as a primary browser are becoming scarce.

LastPass for Chrome works extremely well, and I didn't encounter issues with any of the features I tested. If you use Chrome Dev and have been looking for a solid, secure password manager to use - go grab LastPass right now.

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