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WebKit claims another browser as Epiphany bails on Mozilla

Gnome 2.28 was released this week, and one of the more interesting changes was the switch taking place in Epiphany, Gnome's default web browser. There's been a change under the hood, with Mozilla Gecko being replaced by Webkit.

Webkit has made some serious gains this year in terms of browser market share. Already providing the powerplant for Safari, Google Chrome, and Maxthon 3 (as well as numerous others), the open source project continues to win converts -- due in no small part to its speediness.

No, gaining Epiphany doesn't mean Webkit-based browsers are going to overtake Firefox for second place overall in browser share any time soon. But when you consider the large number of Gnome-based Linux distributions out there, this is still an interesting development for the Webkit project.

[via Linux Magazine]

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