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RoboForm now available for Google Chrome, sort of

While it may not be the seamless solution you've been looking for, if you're a RoboForm user and have been waiting for Google Chrome integration, there's now a solution for you.

RoboForm have created a customized Chromium installer which adds a floating toolbar below the Chrome browser window. Getting set up requires two installs.

First, you'll need to load RoboForm itself (if you haven't already, of course). Next, download the RoboForm for Chromium executable from RoboForm's website. Once you've removed other Chromium instances, run the setup and launch the custom build.

A note on the download page offers this reassurance: "When Google finalizes their public extensions framework, we will make every effort to ensure that RoboForm will work for Google Chrome within a very short time."

In the meantime, RoboForm for Chromium works, even if it does look -- err -- a little different.

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