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MMS finally arrives on the iPhone for AT&T customers

For American iPhone users, today is a pretty big day. AT&T customers should now have MMS (also commonly known as picture messaging) on their iPhones. Update your carrier settings by clicking on your phone in iTunes and going to "Check for Update." Then, to make sure MMS has been enabled for you, go to Settings -> Messages. You should see an option to turn MMS on. Now, whenever you're sending a text message, you'll see a camera icon you can tap to attach a photo.

Other smartphone users have mocked the iPhone's lack of MMS, pointing out that the feature has been almost universally available for years, even on old flip phones. It's not as if the iPhone is making a big leap forward today: it's just catching up. This is probably less Apple's fault than AT&T's, though. International iPhone users have had MMS for a while now, and AT&T delayed rolling it out because the necessary infrastructure wasn't ready. This is a big win for iPhone users, but it's also a bitter reminder that AT&T is still their only choice of carrier in the US.

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