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FeedDemon 3.0 desktop newsreader with Google Reader sync

FeedDemon 3.0
Popular Windows RSS reader FeedDemon has hit version 3.0, and the latest version includes a number of new and tweaked features. This summer the team behind the RSS reader announced they would be shutting down the NewsGator web-based RSS reader. Instead, FeedDemon now synchronizes with Google Reader. That means you can read through your subscriptions in either Google Reader or FeedDemon and your read, unread, and starred items will be reflected in both RSS readers.

FeedDemon 3.0 also has a new user interface with a subscription home page with popular articles and videos from your feeds, tagging and tag clouds on the subscriptions home page, and enhanced Twitter support for sharing links through Twitter and reading RSS feeds of Twitter users you follow.

Another cool feature is the ability to subscribe to feeds for search terms. Just select the New Subscription option under the File menu and enter a keyword or search term. The next window will ask you to choose from a list of sites to search including Google News, Google Blog Search, Flickr, Techmeme or Twitter. Or you can find existing feeds that match your search terms.

FeedDemon is available as a free ad-supported download. As you can see in the screenshot, the ads are relatively unobtrusive and hang out in the bottom left corner. You can also buy a license for FeedDemon for $10 to make the ads go away.

[via Digital Inspiration]

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