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Firefox 3.7 to replace menu bar with Chrome-like page, tools menus

Firefox 3.7 tools conceptA few months ago the folks at Mozilla released a mockup showing some proposed design changes for Firefox 3.7. Foremost among them was a redesigned navigation area that replaced the traditional menu bar (file, edit, view and so on) with two drop-down menus, one for Page and another for Tools. You know, kind of like Google Chrome has.

Now the Firefox team has released an updated series of mockups that look even more like Google Chrome by placing both the page and tools menus right next to the location bar. This layout saves screen real estate and lets you use a larger portion of the browser window for viewing web pages.

The new browser layout also includes a combined stop/reload button and removes the Home button from the toolbar, instead placing it in the tab area. The Windows version of the browser will also make better use of Aero Glass in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The new page/tools design will first show up in the Windows Vista and Windows 7 versions of Firefox 3.7 which is due out in March of 2010.

[via ZDNet]

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