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Peripheral maker Razer ships trojan with software updates

If you are looking for a good reason to have antivirus software on your machine even though you 'don't do anything dodgy on the internet', then here it is!

Infected files drivers hosted at peripheral manufacturer Razer USA's website have been found by researchers at antivirus company Trend Micro after investigating reports received from concerned customers. Trend Micro confirmed that at least 8 drivers were infected, all of which were immediately removed by Razer upon discovery of the problem.

Although the Trojan in question, WORM.ASPXOR.AB, is classified at the highest possible severity level by threat analysis site ThreatExpert, it appears detection is quite difficult - Trend Micro state that in their testing 'only 7 out of 41 vendors offered generic detection'.

Razer certainly aren't the first company to ship infected software to their customers - Apple previously shipped a virus to customers on their iPod Video units, Seagate sold virus infected hard drives to customers and Creative also bundled that little extra something with a model of their MP3 players.

Razer currently have the above statement on their support site, which has been taken offline temporarily.

It is not known at this site whether the support site itself was hacked or lax internal policies allowed drivers to be packaged up with the trojan.

[Via: Trend Micro blog]

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