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ToonDoo comic strip maker: coming to a classroom near you?

There are plenty of apps you can use to build your own comic strip, with little artistic talent required. Various members of the Download Squad team love Bitstrips and Comic Life Magiq, but we grownups aren't really the target audience for ToonDoo, a comic strip maker from Zoho. ToonDoo is for educational use, allowing kids to make comic strips in the classroom (even if they can't draw), and letting teachers use them as instructional tools.

If kids today are anything like I was at their age, letting them loose with a comic strip maker is a recipe for fun and mischief. ToonDoo is helping teachers out a bit by introducing ToonDooSpaces, which gives each classroom its own sandbox - with comments and other social features - that the teacher can moderate. The pitch is that Spaces makes it easier to keep track of student progress, while also helping to make the learning environment a little less Wild West.

ToonDoo could be a big distraction for kids, the same way Bitstrips is for Download Squad, so it's good to give the teacher some bonus mod powers to keep the learning focused.

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