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Add Windows 7 shell integration features to Winamp with a handy plugin

Winamp has always been one of my favorite media players. One of its best features is its extensibility. Thanks to an enthusiastic developer community, there are tons of great plugins that let you personalize Winamp to your liking.

Like many mainstream apps, Winamp doesn't yet take advantage of Windows 7 shell enhancements like jumplists,
thumbnail preview player controls (a la Windows Media player), or taskbar progress indication. Fortunately, an independent developer has hacked together a plugin that adds them all in one fell swoop.

Win7shell adds all the missing goodness. To the default Windows 7 jumplist (which supports pinning playlists and individual tracks) It adds a list of recently played items. Playback progress is also indicated on the taskbar button, and the thumbnail preview gets playback controls and customizable overlays. You can also add status overlays to the taskbar button (pictured below).

The thumbnail background can be set to a static image of your choosing, album art, or even just transparent if you like. Track and player information can be customized using a number of variables which are well-documented in the plugin's help file.

This plugin is simply a must-have for Winamp fans running Windows 7, so go get it already!

[via Into Windows]

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