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Which browser isn't such a battery hog?

If you use your laptop primarily for web browsing, the browser you choose could make a difference in how long your battery lasts. AnandTech tested out the latest versions of the most popular Windows browsers on three different laptops, and it turns out that - when it comes to battery endurance, anyway - IE 8 is the champ. It yielded 5 to 10 minutes of additional battery life compared to Firefox, Chrome and Opera, and nearly half an hour more than Safari.

The three computers in the test were a Gateway with an Intel processor, a Gateway with an AMD processor, and a netbook, the Asus Eee PC. The two Gateways were running Vista, with the Eee PC running XP. On the Eee PC, the browsers all came in within a few minutes of one another, meaning you should make your decision based on other features. On the other machines, though, IE was the clear leader. Firefox (with adblock installed) came in second. Because adblock keeps battery-intensive Flash elements from being displayed, running it will let you eke out an extra 10 minutes compared to standard-issue Firefox.

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