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Google's Android Market now contains 10,000 applications

AndroLib, a website that provides the ability to browse the Android Market via your web browser, is now reporting that the Android Market contains in excess of 10,000 applications (10,434 applications at the time of writing to be precise)!

The impressive figure is a clear sign of the growing popularity of the Android platform and while the figure does of course include a large number of, er, 'substandard' applications (mitigated by the 'anything goes' approval process of Google's market) the number of high quality and must-have applications available is also growing considerably.

Although without doubt 10,000 applications is a considerable catalogue, is reporting that 76,085 applications are currently available in the Apple App Store.

Microsoft's 'Windows Marketplace for Mobile' is expected to launch in the near future alongside the release of Windows Mobile 6.5, however these metrics show that the platform, historically well supported by developers, has a fair bit of catching up to do. With Microsoft's focus on 'quality rather than quantity', expedited by the considerable costs associated with publishing an application (even for free download), it seems likely that it will be a while before we see Microsoft's offering hitting the 10,000 application mark.

[via AfterDawn]

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