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Skype killing off Extras, developer program

Skype Extras
Skype may be one of the most popular VoIP applications on the planet. But Skype's developer program for third party applications apparently never really took off and today Skype is telling developer that it's closing the doors to its Skype Extras service.

According to the letter sent to developers, "not enough people were using them to justify our continued support of the Extras program."

users can still download a number of applications from the Skype Extras site for now, but the company has stopped certifying new programs. When existing apps expire they'll be pulled from the Extras service and eventually all the free and paid add-ons will disappear from Skype Extras.

It's not entirely clear what this means for the future of Skype add-ons. Some popular applications let users record calls or send faxes. Without these add-ons, it'll be a lot tougher to do these things over Skype, although there are some third party programs that do things such as recording calls without directly plugging into Skype. Perhaps that will be how all Skype-related accessories work in the future.

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