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AOL Tech HD radio stations coming to major US cities

CBS, the parent company of, is launching HD radio stations in the four largest US markets, powered by We've seen traditional radio stations go online before, but it's rare to see an online service take to the airwaves like this. The stations will play music based on's weekly charts, which sounds like a Web 2.0 twist on the old call-in countdown votes on the radio stations of my childhood.

To tune in to the actual stations you'll need to be in LA, New York, Chicago or San Francisco, and have an HD radio. That means this might be a bigger win for HD radio adoption in general than for in particular. If people are going to start buying HD receivers, it'll be because there's enough quality content to make the investment worth it.'s stations might be a good start.

If you're not, though, you can still catch the online streaming version of the station through the site or through's mobile apps. Listeners can also expect in-studio performance and interviews from a studio has set up in New York. With data from over 25 million users, might be taking the mystery out of the formula for radio success. I wonder if they'll dig up some obscure gems, too, or whether it'll just be the popular stuff.

[via Wired]

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