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FSF-approved Trisquel Linux shows free software can stand on its own merits

Getting on the Free Software Foundation's page of acceptable Linux distros isn't the easiest task in the world. Stallman and Co. have very particular requirements about what can and can't be included. A first glance at the page might put you off -- there aren't any big name distros like Ubuntu, Suse, or Fedora.

Trisquel, however, is definitely worth a closer look. It's Ubuntu-based and ships with an excellent (and familiar) group of core apps - Firefox, Evolution, Pidgin, Transmission, OpenOffice, GIMP, Brasero, and several others - Elisa media center is even included. A liveUSB disk creator is also provided so you can easily roll your own portable Trisquel remaster. As per the FSF mandate, everything in the ISO is 100% free.

The distribution just reached version 3.0. A light version is also in the works and is set to drop in a few days. It will feature the XFCE desktop environment and lightweight apps like Epiphany, Sylpheed, and Abiword.

Even if you're not an adamant FOSS advocate, Trisquel is a solid Linux distribution and well worth taking for a test drive.

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