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News that wasn't: OMG, Google just made the search box bigger!

Yesterday, people were tripping over themselves writing about big news from Google. TechCrunch almost got it right, snidely calling it "the mother of all updates." Unfortunately, that's where the humor ended.

The rest of the post -- like nearly everything else that was written up about the change -- was a pretty dry look at the mind-numbingly dull addition of a few extra pixels in width to Google's search box.

A few pixels means bigger? Come on. That's wussy stuff. On the Real Man's scale of bigness, the search box would have been embiggened to look like the mother of an input area in the image above. You want search front and center? Don't muck about with a measly 100 extra pixels, go all the way.

I use Google, and I enjoy reading news about changes to their products and services -- when it's actually news.

Obvious omission: Mick Dundee weighs on in big vs. BIG after the break (video).

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