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Keep your Mac software up to date with AppFresh

If there's one thing that's something of a chore on a computer it's the task of keeping your software up to date. Sure, operating system patches are handled by the OS itself and some applications implement their own update systems (particularly on the Mac where Sparkle is prolific), but wouldn't it be great if you could manage all of your application updates in one place? Well, if you are on a Mac then the free application AppFresh - which has just received a minor update - is the answer to your prayers!

As you can see from the screenshot above, AppFresh searches your machine for applications and lists the currently installed version, latest available version together and the release date. Simply select the applications you want to update, hit 'Install' and off it goes to work it's magic... and magical it is indeed!

There's a lot to like about AppFresh. It looks very slick and has a user interface that is in line with the best Mac applications, it's frequently updated and best of all it's free! AppFresh interfaces with the iusethis website for it's version information and can also save information on the applications you are using back to your iusethis profile. A benefit of this is that if you rebuild your Mac at any time, you can ask Appfresh to reinstall all your favourite applications from your iusethis profile. Neat!

As well as applications, AppFresh supports widgets, preference panes and application plugins (as well OS updates) ensuring you are always up to date.

The newly released version 0.8.5 of the application (yes, it is a pre-release version) adds improved Snow Leopard compatability (while retaining compatability with Tiger) as well as a host of minor fixes.

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