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Facebook brings notifications to your Mac desktop

Like many of us, I have a Facebook account. Like many of us, I often forget to actually go in and check it, read my notifications and keep up with what's happening in my social circle... arguably the whole point of the exercise! One of the biggest reasons for this is that - unlike Twitter - I don't keep Facebook 'in view' during my working day. You could argue that this is a positive benefit because it means less distraction, but it's primarily because despite playing with other desktop based Facebook apps (such as Tweetdeck), I haven't found a way to do so yet that works for me. Enter Facebook's desktop notifications app for Mac.

The new application, developed by Facebook themselves, adds an icon to your Mac's menu bar that provides quick access to your news feed, profile page and status update page (which is also accessible via a keyboard shortcut) as well as listing your outstanding notifications and inbox contents.

It's quick, easy to use and best of all light on resources! It sits there unintrusively in your menu bar, providing Growl (aka toaster) notifications as new events occur. For me it's a keeper... I might just start using Facebook regularly now...!

[via TechCrunch]

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