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Pandora Mobile application arrives in Android Market

Online music streaming / discovery site Pandora have released their 'Pandora Mobile' Android application in the Android Market (for U.S. users).

Pandora Mobile allows you to create a personalised radio stream to listen to directly on your device. Simply enter an artist name, track name or a classical composer and Pandora will create a virtual 'radio station' that plays matching music and music that it deems fit for your tastes.

If you already have stations set up via the Pandora website, they will also become accessible on your device. The application includes a homescreen widget for convenient control of your playback and convenient 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' of the current track.

As mentioned above, Pandora Mobile -- as with the web based version -- is only available to U.S. users at the time of writing. If you're in other countries and you're looking for an alternative, check out imeem or (also free on the Android Market) or the recently launched Spotify streaming service (premium subscription required).

The application is enjoying a very positive reception from users - the current rating on the Android Market is '4.54 out of 5' - a positively glowing recommendation! Have you installed? Tell us what you think!

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