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Google Docs "hidden" viewer feature coming to Chrome OS

Over at Google OS today, Alex Chitu mentioned a "hidden" embeddable document viewer that is part of Google Docs. The viewer can be embedded in any web page to enable inline display of PDF and PPT files.

Interestingly enough, the viewer has also made its way into some recent changes to the Chromium source code. If Chrome detects that it is running on Chrome OS, the --enable-viewer switch turns on viewer integration. After that, Chrome will "intercept HTTP requests for documents that GView is capable of displaying and redirect the user to the appropriate URL for viewing."

It's a logical step, since you'd presumably be online surfing with Chrome anyway. Don't want to be redirected to Google's Viewer whenever you click on a supported document type? You'll no doubt be able to disable the feature with a command line switch as well, or at least hack together a Userscript to retool things.

Heck, it may even be added to the Personal Stuff screen in Chrome's options panel. It's all speculation at this point, unless someone else comes up with some new, blurry digital photos.

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