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Coral IE Tab: the best way to view IE-only sites in Firefox

If you're a Firefox fan who frequently has to use sites that only display properly in Internet Explorer, don't despair. Coral IE Tab lets you do it without running two browsers at once. It's a modified version of the popular IE Tab add-on, with a couple of important features added on. Like IE Tab, it displays pages as if you were using Internet Explorer, but it also saves your cookies and works with the Adblock Plus add-on.

In Coral IE Tab's settings, you can assign preferences to individual sites, so you don't have to manually switch to IE whenever you visit an offending page. If you're already running IE Tab, Coral IE Tab can import its settings (you should disable it afterward to avoid any conflicts). I hope that we can leave IE-only sites behind sooner rather than later but, until that time, an add-on beats running an entire second browser.

[via instantfundas]

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