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Flickr releases slick new iPhone app

So Yahoo has finally given the iPhone a hearty high five for being the most popular camera on Flickr and produced a native Flickr app.

There's not a heck of a lot to it, but you probably wouldn't expect there to be, really. After all, you're probably on Flickr to either upload and share photos or look at what other people have submitted. The app does both of those things pretty well.

For added sizzle, if you leave Flickr idle on your iPhone, a nice slideshow of Creative Commons licensed images will pan and zoom around your screen.

Searches return 40 thumbnails, and about 16 fit on the iPhone's screen at once. Tap one to zoom and and view details like tags, the number of views, and where and when images where taken.

Comments load inline below the image and you can, of course, tap the talk bubble icon to add your own thoughts.

Viewing your contact's items is an even better experience, with buttons provided to display set and tag views as well as their favorite images. The initial display can also be swapped between thumbnails only or image with titles and view/comment stats.

If speed is your thing, stick to the Flickr mobile web interface in Safari. It's definitely speedier.

However, if you prefer a more dynamic visual experience, then download Flickr from the App Store [App Store Link].

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