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Equanimity is like Tetris on a teeter-totter - Time Waster

Tetris-style games that involve arranging falling blocks have seen a lot of variations. Game-makers have tried adding odd pieces, weirdly-shaped game boards and bombs, just to name a few. In Equanimity, the twist is physics-based: the board is a balance beam, and you lose a life for every piece that falls off. The pieces don't interlock, though, like in Tetris. They're various geometric shapes, and you can clear them by matching three of the same color.

The challenge of Equanimity is that the tilting platform, combined with the shapes of some pieces, means that things don't always end up where you intended them to. It's not as fast-paced or challenging as Tetris, so perhaps the zen aesthetic of the game is appropriate. It's a way more relaxing way to kill time than watching your Tetris board fill up while you wait for that elusive long piece.

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