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Synchronizing multiple Google calendars to iPhone

iPhone Google Sync SettingsOn today's This Week in Google, Gina Trapani presented a tip on how to synchronize your Google Calendar to iCal on a Mac. As it turns out, it is possible to subscribe to sub-calendars, but it's not immediately obvious how to do so. The same holds true on the iPhone.

If you've attempted to synchronize your Google Calendar to your iPhone only to be disappointed that it only allows you to synchronize one calendar, you'll be happy to discover that although it's somewhat hidden, there is a way to synchronize multiple calendars.

Once you configure your iPhone to synchronize with your Google account using your phone's Exchange functionality, you should have your contacts and primary calendar items synchronizing. To then choose what other calendars to display, use the instructions given on this page. They will instruct you to visit on your phone, which gives you the option to set some sync settings.

One big frustration with the iPhone's calendar is that though it displays multiple calendars in different colors, it doesn't give you any control over a given calendar's color. With some patience and fiddling, you can use the Google Sync settings described above to enable one calendar at at time and get them set to the color you want. If your primary calendar is the wrong color, it's harder to make it switch, but you can do it by disabling calendar synchronization entirely on the phone, then changing which calendars are synchronized via the Google Sync page, then re-enabling it. It takes trial and error, but with enough patience you can get things set up just as you want, as long as the colors you want consist of red, blue, orange, green, and/or purple.

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