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Facebook gets embeddable live stream widgets

Facebook just took another baby step in what seems to be an ongoing move out of the walled garden and toward public information streaming. Now admins of pages or applications on Facebook can share their Facebook activity streams on other websites via a few new widgets. One of them even allows Facebook users to interact with the stream right from the embedded widget.

The most exciting of the new widgets, the Live Stream Box, works two ways, using tabs to switch between them. Friends mode displays your Facebook stream the way you'd see it, with all of your friends' latest updates. Everyone Watching mode shows you the activity of other Facebook users who are also viewing the page where the widget is embedded. There's also a Fan Box that shows the stream of your fan page, and people can like and comment on posts using the widget. The new widgets don't replace Facebook badges (did anybody ever use those?), so individuals can still use those show off their Facebook accounts.

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