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Straight flowing on a boat: iPhone app auto-tunes you with T-Pain

Hip-hop singer T-Pain has gone from buying u a drank in the club to sailing on a boat with the guys from Saturday Night Live, and now he's taking over the iPhone.

He's teamed up with Smule to put out an auto-tune app called "I Am T-Pain" that gives your voice that signature robot sound. Just sing into your phone's mic: your voice goes in, T-Pain's comes out.

The app also includes backing tracks for the most famous T-Pain songs, so you can either sing along or experiment and create your own auto-tuned masterpiece. Additional tracks are available for in-app purchase (and yes, On A Boat is coming soon). You don't have to stick to T-Pain's songs, though, there's also a freestyle mode, so you can autotune anything you want.

I Am T-Pain is kind of a steal at 3 bucks, consider that it uses official Antares autotune technology, which is normally out of a casual user's price range. Granted, you can't use this iPhone app to professionally produce your own tracks, but that's not a problem for most people. To see everyone from kids to women to a 61-year old guy doing a near-perfect rendition of Buy U A Drank, check out the promo video after the jump.

[via TUAW]

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