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LastPass brings secure password management to Safari on Mac

LastPass, the secure password management and form filler that was first released for Firefox and Internet Explorer, has welcomed another browser into the fold.

Mac users running Safari for their browser can now run a full LastPass plugin rather than relying on the Javascript-powered bookmarklet. Just head over to the LastPass homepage and click 'get LastPass.' As you can see in the screenshot, the Safari plugin also adds a menu bar button (next to the back/forward buttons). It provides quick access to your preferences, vault, notes, form filler, and password generator.

Those of you running Snow Leopard, you'll need to run Safari in 32-bit mode - the LastPass installer will notify you when you launch it.

The LastPass plugin supports importing from 1Password, and their iPhone app is currently available on the App Store [iTunes link]. It's a great way to securely manage your passwords on Windows, Linux, and Mac - and in an ever-increasing number of browsers.

Google Chrome users, sit tight - a .crx extension can't be too far away now.

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