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WinLayout uses your numeric keypad to arrange, resize windows

Windows 7 already provides several handy keyboard shortcuts for moving and resizing application windows. If you're running an older version or want a more exhaustive set of commands at your fingertips, take a look at WinLayout.

The free, open source application is built on top of AutoHotkey and adds some serious arrangement kung fu your under-loved numeric keypad.

For its basic moves, WinLayout slices your screen up into a 3x3 grid (think tic-tac-toe board). Hold the Windows key and tap the corresponding key to send an app to that spot on the grid - 7 = top left, 5=center, 3=bottom right, etc.

Windows can also be resized and moved in single-pixel increments. Word of warning: not surprisingly, some commands do interfere with those built in to Windows 7.

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