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Pandora's desktop app for subscribers gets an update

One of the many perks the Pandora streaming music offers its subscribers is access to the Pandora One desktop app for Windows and Mac. That perk just got a lot cooler, now that Pandora One 2.0 is out. It adds some features that are pretty essential to a good desktop music player, like easy access to your song history, and a progress bar. I'm not going to ask why it didn't have a progress bar before. Even if you can't skip around within songs in Pandora, it's nice to know how far into a track you are.

It's not flashy, but the most exciting new thing in Pandora 2.0 is the shorter time between songs when you skip or give the thumbs-down. Volume settings are also persistent now, so you get the same volume every time you start the app. And, by the way, Pandora One is an Adobe Air app, so it'll run on Mac and Windows.

[via Mashable]

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