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New rogue antivirus app has a hate-on for Malwarebytes

If there's one anti-malware application that we (and you) hold near and dear, it's Malwarebytes.

How do you know when your crapware-fighting application has really made it big? When it starts being targeted by rogue antivirus software, of course.

Protection System -- which sounds about as real as The Christopher Guest School for Mixed Martial Arts -- detects MBAM during its bogus scan procedure and declares it malicious. It then offers to remove the threat for the poor sap who doesn't realize what's happening. After clicking ok, the uninstall routine is run and the user is left without what is likely the best tool for removing this pest.

This isn't a new tactic by any means. It's pretty common for engineered nasties to disable and damage antivirus and antimalware programs and mess with your hosts file so you can't update definitions or re-download.

Keep your filthy paws off MBAM, you damn, dirty rogue.

[via Sunbelt Blog]

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