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Firefox 4.0 scheduled for late 2010 launch

Firefox 4.0 mockup
A few weeks back, some enterprising folks at Mozilla posted a mockup showing what Firefox 4.0 could look like. The navigation area has been redesigned to give users more screen real estate, while the tab bar has been moved above the location bar to resemble the layout in the Google Chrome web browser. Of course, this is just a concept at this point and the final browser could end up looking very different. But now we have a rough idea of when to expect Firefox 4.0: October or November 2010.

Mozilla has reportedly updated its product roadmap with plans to launch Firefox 3.6 later this year and version 3.7 in the second quarter of 2010. The next major release will be Firefox 4.0, which is due out late next year.

There's not a lot of additional information about new features in each version of the browser, but you can download pre-release builds of both Firefox 3.6 and 3.7 from Mozilla's FTP.

I haven't been able to dig up the new roadmap on Mozilla's site yet, but TG Daily reports that Mozilla also plans to launch Fennec 1.0, the mobile version of Firefox at the same time as Firefox 3.6. Fennec 2.0 will be due out late next year when Firefox 4.0 is launched. Of course, a lot can change in 13 months.

If anyone has a direct link for the roadmap let us know in the comments.

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