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Mobile Minute: Samsung launching yet another mobile app store

Samsung App Store
You know what the world really needs right now? Another mobile application store. Because it's just too hard to find good applications for your iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android, Palm Pre, Symbian, or Windows Mobile phone. Wait, what? It's not? Well, tough noogies. You're getting another app store anyway, this time courtsey of Samsung.

The store will launch for customers in the UK, France, and Italy on September 14th, and it wil open up to additional countries later. At launch, the store will support the Samsung Omni and Samsung I8910 HD phones. There are plans to support additional smartphones later.

The thing is, the Samsung Omnia runs Windows Mobile, which means that the Samsung app store, which will let users download, purchase, and install mobile applications directly from their phones, may eventually wind up competing with the Windows Marketplace for Mobile application from Microsoft. But since Windows marketplace isn't available to the public yet, it looks like Samsung will beat Microsoft to market.

On the other hand, Samsung says a whopping 300 apps will be available at launch. There are already tens of thousands of applications available for Windows Mobile phones that can be downloaded from various sources on the internet. I'd be surprised if Microsoft didn't manage to launch its mobile app store with at least a few more than 300 applications.

[via Engadget]

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