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Yoono social media tool leaves the browser, launches desktop app

Yoono DesktopYoono is a social networking tool that lets you access data and update your status on networks including Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, and FriendFeed. The utility started out its life as a browser toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer, but Yoono recently launched a desktop client that provides all the same features and then some.

Basically, the Yoono desktop client for Windows or Mac provides you with a single place to track your contacts, update your status, or chat on Google Talk, Windows Live, or AOL instant messengers. You can click an "All" tab to see all the latest updates from each network you register with the Yoono client, or you can click on an individual service if you just want to check in on Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, or an instant messenger.

One nice feature of the Yoono desktop client is an integrated browser. Other applications that provide you with Facebook and MySpace updates require you to click a link and open a web browser to get more details. Yoono launches an integrated browser window that will show the full web page. You can also click a link on that page to open it in a browser window if you prefer.

Overall, the Yoono desktop client is pretty slick, but I'm a bit disappointed in the way Yoono handles instant messaging. Instead of opening new chat windows for each conversation the way virtually every other application does, Yoono places each conversation in a new tab. If a new message comes in when you're in another area, a notice should pop up at the top of the application, but that means you may have to spend a lot of time toggling between windows if you're chatting with more than one person at a time, especially if one is on AIM and another is on Google Talk.

There's also no support for file transfers, voice or video chat, or Yahoo! Messenger.

[via TechCrunch]

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