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This is the Only Level - Time Waster

This is the Only LevelThis is the Only Level is a fun take on the traditional platform game. You play through multiple stages, but each one looks the same - they're all "level 1". The trick is that in each stage there is something different; sometimes it's obvious, like the controls have been reversed. Sometimes it's not obvious at all.

The game is infuriating at times, but like any good puzzle game you feel like a genius when you figure out a particularly tricky stage. This is the Only Level could stand to be a bit prettier, but the basic graphics do give it an inimitable sense of style. The music, on the other hand, needs to go. It plays a short, happy little loop over and over again, mocking you as you try to figure out the next stage's secret.

Show this game to a friend that you want to get back at for something.

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