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Mozilla Weave version .6 boosts performance, adds new features

Today, Mozilla Weave took another step forward. The browser synchronization add-on is now at version 0.6 and better than ever.

Apart from the old Weave sync kung fu - bookmarks, history, and passwords - the newest version can now keep your Personas up to date across multiple machines. Performance has gotten another boost, and there's a new about:weave page that allows for easier management of your preferences and Weave account.

[update] The first-time sync also now includes the option to specify which direction you want to sync. That's a welcome change, since it means no more deafult Firefox bookmarks sneaking into my Weave profile in the cloud.

Version .6 is proof that Weave is moving in the right direction - though I'd still like to see the option to sync add-ons and themes. Perhaps that's coming in future builds. We'll have to wait and see.

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