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GIMP 2.7 beta released

Gimp 2.7 beta
The folks behind the open source GIMP image editing application have released the first beta build of GIMP 2.7. The application is available for Windows and Linux, although the download server for Gimp 2.7 beta seems to be a bit fuzzy at the moment. You can get the source code from a mirror, or download the Windows installer from Filehippo.

As you can see from the screengrab of the installer, this is not a stable release. And it crashed on me a few times as I tried out some of the new features, including the new on-canvas text editor. But here are a few of the changes in GIMP 2.7:
  • GIMP resources such as brushes and patterns are now taggable.
  • Save as and Export functions have been separated. To save a file as anything other than an XCF file, you need to use Export.
  • Enhanced size entry widget
  • Refinements to the layer mode menus
  • Status bar feedback for keyboard changes to brush patterns
You can read more details in the release notes or changelog.

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