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One big reason people didn't upgrade from Firefox 2 to 3? Hiding porn bookmarks.

Generally, improvements in software are a good thing. Improving something means making it better, right? In the case of Firefox 3's enhanced Awesome Bar, maybe not so much.

The Firefox security team has been analyzing data collected from users who declined to upgrade from version 2 to 3 back in May when Mozilla issued a friendly nudge. Those users were given the chance to fill out a questionnaire to explain their decision. One big sticking point: the suped-up address bar's ability to match text you enter with your bookmarks.

Here's how the Firefox crew describes a common scenario:
"In some cases users had intentionally hidden these bookmarks in deep hierarchies of folders, somewhat similar to how one might hide a physical object. Having something from your previous browsing displayed to someone else who is using your computer (or even worse) to a large audience of people as you are giving a presentation, is really one of the most embarrassing things that Firefox can do to you."
Translation: I hid all my bookmarks to NSFW cosplay sites in My Bookmarks\Harmless\Totally Harmless\No Really\Why are you still drilling down\Nothing to see here\Get out of my chair already\Sandwiches and I don't want them popping up accidentally when I start typing.

Having pop up when you start typing a URL during a demonstration could definitely make things slightly uncomfortable.

You could, of course, just upgrade and follow Digital Inspiration's tips for disabling this behavior. You'll also be able to use dirty old man private browsing mode in your new Firefox 3.5 install.

[via PC Pro]

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