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Jessica Biel isn't the problem, McAfee's stupid list is

Big news from the folks at McAfee today. Yes, it's time once again to share that most crucial of lists, their annual "top celebrity names being used by malware pushers."

Why? Because it's important to make sure the blogosphere takes time out to warn everyone within earshot that searching for Jessica Biel could instantly give your computer a virus, start sending every keystroke to Russian cybercriminals, upload your bank account information to China, and hijack your browser so that every image is replaced with this one [sfw].

Honestly, folks, what's the point of this list? To scare people away from searching for their favorite celebs? Searching for anything on the Internet can get you a virus. I'd be willing to bet that "free porn" and "free mp3" are just as likely to get you in trouble. Hell, searching for "pink unicorns" probably has its dangers, too.

To me, this list says a couple things. One, that McAfee knows how to count. Two, that they can arrange things in a logical, numerical order.

Which brings us to number three - that they need to spend more time putting out an antivirus program that doesn't suck like the Mega Maid and less time trying to grab the spotlight with needless fluff.

If you think Jessica Biel is hot and want to go search for images, go for it. Protect yourself with the right tools, and don't download them from the website equivalent of the rusty old van selling speakers downtown.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to Google to search for some free nude Jessica Biel MP3 ringtone cracks.

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