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Dinky Page, for making quick throwaway webpages

Dinky Page is a lightweight web page editor and hosting service, ideal for creating example pages or quickly hosting some information you need to share. If you have something to put up on the fly, and you need an HTML page, but not an entire blog, Dinky Page might be the perfect solution. You'll have to host your images and videos somewhere else, but that's not a big problem when people increasing have accounts on sites like Flickr, YouTube and Vimeo.

You only have to click one button to get started making a page on Dinky Page. From there, you can use the site's visual editor, or start writing or pasting your own HTML. Javascript and flash are supported, as is embedding. The downside of not having to register for Dinky Page is that there's no account you can log into to edit a pre-published page. Instead, you'll have to save the link Dinky Page gives you when you publish.

[via Instant Fundas]

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