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Windows 7 upgrade editions, Family pack to be available in Europe

Windows 7
You know how we told you last week that you could pick up some versions of Windows 7 in the UK for half the US price? It sounds like that's going to change pretty soon.

Basically, Microsoft has decided to offer full versions of Windows 7 in select areas at similar prices to the upgrade version in the US. That was because Microsoft was not planning on offering the upgrade version of the operating system in Europe. Customers were supposed to buy a full retail copy of Windows 7 whether they planned to upgrade from Windows Vista or an earlier operating system.

But now Microsoft has changed its tune... and it all has to do with the ballot screen that will allow European Windows users to decide which web browser they want to use when setting up Windows. Basically, by adding a ballot screen option, Microsoft is complying with a European Union anti-trust ruling, and the company no longer needs to offer a Windows 7 E version. So Europe will get the same version of Windows 7 as the rest of the world, including upgrade versions.

The long and short of it is that starting soon, customers in Europe will be able to order the upgrade version at normal upgrade pricing... and the cheap full versions of Windows 7 will probably disappear. So get 'em while you can. The good news is that Microsoft will also offer a Windows 7 Family Pack in Europe. The Family Pack lets you install the operating system on 3 systems fat a deep discount over the price of buying 3 licenses separately.

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