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Twitter gets ready to add geolocation features

Location-based Twitter projects are tough to pull off, because whatever's in the location field of a user's profile could be completely made up, if the user enters anything at all. There's no reliable way to know where a tweet is coming from. Twitter wants to change that, though, and they've got a geolocation team working on an API that will let app developers map your tweets.

Before anyone gets too worked up, let me point out that allowing apps to use your location will be strictly opt-in, meaning it's off by default. One of the advantages Twitter foresees with this location API is the ability to read local tweets. Most people agree that Twitter's public timeline is useless, but I would definitely read a location-aware local timeline. No word on when the new service will be ready, but it will roll out to developers well before it hits the Twitter website, so there should be time for your favorite Twitter app to get ready.

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