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AOL Tech lets users "micro review" anything, a review site that launched earlier this year, has introduced "micro reviews." These are reviews with a 140-character limit that makes them them ideal for sharing to Twitter and Facebook. Lunch's founder, J.R. Johnson, who's self-funding the site, sees micro reviews as a gateway to contributing longer reviews to the site. "Once they're hooked on the rewarding cycle of getting and giving quality content, they'll have fun and progress to the next level of contribution," he said, in a press release.

The premise of Lunch, that it's a community where users can review and discuss anything, seems too broad to succeed. Niche review sites work by establishing themselves as the default place to look for info about a specific category of goods and services. For example, folks looking for info on a restaurant will check Yelp or Urbanspoon, and you might turn to Rotten Tomatoes when you want opinions on a movie. If you're a site for everything, you can't be the go-to site for anything. Maybe micro reviews will attract the kind of community that Lunch needs for success, but I'm not sure they'll help it find its place in the extremely crowded review market.

[via Techcrunch]

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