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Heycraig!: get alerts when Craigslist has what you're looking for

Finding a particular item you want on Craigslist can be a matter of actively checking back every day to see if somebody has listed one in your area, but for the lazy amongst us, there might be a better way. Check out Heycraig!, a site that watches Craigslist for you, and sends you an email alert when a new post matches your search terms. It's city-specific, and kind of tricky to fine-tune, but if you want to know every time someone lists a new bike in your area, it's the site for you.

To use Heycraig!, just put in a search term and your email address, and specify your local Craiglist site. Heycraig! could benefit from a multi-city option, but Craiglist is notorious for cracking down on sites that offer systemwide functionality, so it's unlikely to happen. If you're looking across more than one local network, you'll have to take a little time to set up more than one search. Some advanced search options to narrow down the results on Heycraig! would also be helpful, particularly to specify a neighborhood or area in larger cities. If you're casting a wide net, though, Heycraig! could prove very useful.

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